MCB Change Over Switches offered by us, are widely used for transferring the power supply to one source from another with extreme safety. These are particularly designed to ensure longer functional life and excellent performance for the domestic as well as industrial complexes.
Our Quality control professionals help us in the process of manufacturing of these world class Change Over Switches. At Flora we have wide range of MCB Changeover Switch that is known for its excellent features like durability, shock resistance, easy installation, complete security and reliability.

Four Pole Isolator

Flora Isolators or Disconnection Switches are being used in the various sectors. These electrical circuits are capable of completely de-energized for service or maintenance. Flora Isolators or Disconnection Switches are often used in electrical distribution and industrial applications where machinery must have its source of driving power.

Flora Isolator switches have provisions for a padlock so that inadvertent operation is not possible. In high voltage or complex systems, these padlocks may be part of a trapped-key interlock system to ensure proper sequence of operation.

Change Over Switch MCB

Two Pole Isolator