Flora Extension cords launched in 2022 was introduced with the aim of providing high quality and value for money product.

The features and asthetics of the product are made as per the current demand and requirements of the market.

Categories under Extension cords:

1. FLEXI CORD 6A 2 pin 4 Mtr

2. FLEXI CORD 6A 3 pin 4 Mtr

3. FLEXI CORD 16A 4 Mtr

4. SPIKE GUARD - 6A 3 Mtr

              FLEXI CORD-2 PIN 4 Mtr


1. Universal sockets

2. Ultra Smooth Rotation

3. Brass Strips Riveting for strong connections

4. 3 Large plugs can be used simultaniously 

5. Ergonomic and easy to handle